Amazing Eco Atlas Lantern Skylights For Flat Roofs

Be Green and Happy With Eco Atlas Lantern Skylights For Flat Roofs

The leading Atlas Lantern Skylights For Flat Roofs on the market, the floating lantern mania is intensifying. But without conscious buying decisions, the fun of roof lanterns could become something people are going for since they beautify your roof. Why? Because people buy cheap, substandard lanterns instead of paying just a little bit more for better lanterns that are eco-friendly. Eco-roof lanterns are the best choice for many reasons, read on to see why.

Atlas Lantern Skylights For Flat Roofs

Eco lanterns Are The Best Quality

The choice of Atlas Lantern Skylights For Flat Roofs should not just be about the price, because you really get what you pay for. Better quality products will result in a better experience. Eco lanterns are really top quality and offer a great viewing experience that is reliable and consistent. The typical Eco Lantern has treated paper properly so that it is fire resistant. This guarantees excellent flights, but also no fires, should the lantern fail as desired. Instead of lighting fire, the paper actually serves to extinguish a flame or prevent hot embers from lighting something. Only premium lanterns, such as the eco-lantern, have this feature.

Eco lanterns Safety

In addition to the safest experiences, premium lanterns are some of the easiest to use. With many cheap lanterns, the assembly is involved and the process of attaching the fuel cell can be quite messy. Premium versions have pre-assembled fuel cells, which means that installation is as easy as removing the lantern from the packaging, unfolding and igniting the fuel cell when you’re ready.

How These Roof Lanterns Are Formed

While all paper AtlaS RooF LanternS claim to be 100% biodegradable, this needs to be considered more closely to understand why eco lanterns are the greenest choice. Every manufacturer can claim 100% biodegradability because they can honestly say that eventually, all the components in their lantern will collapse. The paper portion of all lanterns will go first and will normally break fairly quickly when exposed to the elements. However, many lanterns have a wire support structure for all or part of the lantern, and this wire will eventually decay into nothing, but this can take months, if not longer, depending on the conditions. 100% biodegradable, yes, but with a big caveat that the process will take a while. Eco lanterns have no wire and instead use bamboo and a treated wool, both of which degrade much faster.

Eco Lanterns Protect The Environment

The wire structure is the biggest problem with many roof lanterns and why people should choose the Eco lanterns. Typical launches of floating lanterns are performed in areas where farms are nearby and when the lantern touches down, it quickly begins to deteriorate. The wire, however, remains for a while and can be eaten at the end of grazing livestock or it can be processed as part of a hay bale and then picked up later when the hay is used or by another farmer who has bought the hay , This wire poses a great threat to livestock and cheap lanterns are angry farmers who are calling for a ban on all lantern products. Eco skypods lack this wire part and are absolutely no danger to livestock making them the best way to keep the farmers happy while you enjoy the site of floating lanterns.

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